“To be young and in love in New York City”, a lyric from Lauv’s “I Like Me Better” seem to be the perfect song for Jenny and Jared’s wedding. With the perfect view of the New York Skyline as their backdrop, every guest can’t help but awe with how beautiful it looked like behind our lovely city lovers.

If you want a perfect sight of the New York Skyline and the gorgeous view of the Williamsburg Bridge on your wedding day, then choose Giando on the water, Brooklyn, New York. Jenny and Jared definitely was more than satisfied to have chosen such venue.

From the waiting area up to its amazing outdoors, everything had something to offer that would make your wedding day look beautiful. Jenny looked so amazing with her simple wedding gown that matched the minimalistic theme of the indoor part of the venue.

Her gown was also perfect to balance the very colorful outdoor view of the venue. The couple really looked like city couple going into a modern type of wedding with a skyline as a backdrop. The reception was simple yet classic, something that New Yorkers are attracted to.

Giando on the water really showed how striking a sense of balance between nature and modernism. That it can create something so beautiful. Every shot taken had the backdrop of colorful flowers and the New York skyline view and it just emit a sophisticated look to it.


It only shows that couples shouldn’t emit the idea of finding a perfect wedding venue in the city that they live in. It’s all just in the manner of their perspective. How they view things and how much they actually love the place that they live in. Their enthusiasm to share to their guest something that meant a lot to them would really encouraged them to choose this perfect wedding venue. A perfect wedding venue that probably showed the place where Jenny and Jared’s  love for each other started. A place in Brooklyn, New York