Marriage is a sacred sacrament and ideally must be done inside the church. It is not just a mere contract between two people who vows to love each other till death but a contract to God as well. A contract promising to make Him the center of their relationship as husband and wife. Michelle and Scott is one of the receding number of people who still prefer to do their wedding ceremony inside the church.

Why would they even think of not doing it inside the church if it’s in the Church of St. Francis Xavier. A Roman Catholic church that has great architecture that emits a touch of Vatican in it. You’ll truly feel the presence of His holiness during the entire wedding ceremony.

Aside from the religion and architectural factors, the accessibility of the church to almost everything just makes it the perfect choice. It is close to various hotels and reception spaces that are both beneficial for your wedding day.

You can have a booked hotel for you that you can use it as a preparation area. But choose the most convenient for you. You wouldn’t want to miss your own wedding day because of getting stuck in traffic.

Being in a church wedding, doesn’t make your wedding reception is less fun. This church is just 0.7 miles from Midtown Loft and Terrace- another perfect venue for your wedding reception.

Midtown Loft and Terrace is a perfect place for your wedding reception because of its beautiful outdoor view which shows you a unique side of the Manhattan skyline. The newly wedded couple dancing under the sun with the beautiful Manhattan buildings is such a sight you want to keep.

The indoor reception can also be beautiful with the help of their in-house production company, Midtown Loft Production. You can easily opt for a classic reception because the place suites it so well.

Truly, being united by God in the Church is something that Michelle and Scott stood for.