Hunting for a unique wedding venue in New York can be tough. Gardens, parks and function hall are the most common choices for wedding venue but for those who seek for something more different, you might want to consider doing it in a zoo. Before you go thinking that never in your wildest dream would you think of turning your wedding day into a zoo day, you might want to check out first how stylish Bronx Zoo is.

Turning a zoo into a stylish wedding venue can be a little tricky since a butt scratching monkey is something that you can’t avoid to see in a zoo and it’s not really an elegant sight. But there are a lot of ways that a zoo can be stylish. Here are some things to consider in choosing the most stylish zoo for your wedding venue:


Choose a zoo that has great architecture

You need not to look for a castle to have that Beaux Arts architecture, some zoo are actually built so long ago that the buildings has its own historical touch. A classic touch that makes your wedding venue so much in style.

Choose a zoo that has a natural setting

Animals on cages aren’t just right and are extremely an eye sore to your wedding pictures. A nature setting is just so perfect to give that refreshing outdoor vibe somewhere in the city. That makeshift waterfall, rock formations and lots of trees make your venue

Choose a zoo that has an indoor reception area

We don’t want to be left unprepared for a sudden downpour and end up smelling the scent of the animals at that zoo. It just smell so much more when it’s raining. So make sure you do your reception in a covered area.

All of these things that you should consider for a stylish wedding in the zoo are what Bronx Zoo is made of. So go ahead and include this on your prospect wedding venue list and start convincing your partner to make you say “I do” in a perfect zoo wedding.