Nature at its finest just makes every scene seem so raw and majestic, just like how Gabrielle and Will’s love for each other. When they look at each other, you can’t help but notice that pure love on their eyes. Surrounded by tall and luscious trees, the couple’s love radiates like they were on their own world and you as an audience can’t help but just to be drawn to them.

As a matter of fact, they successfully made it look like they had created their own world when they decided to opt to do their wedding pictorial and venue into the woods. Every shot were taken like they just decided to drop everything and get married way deep into the woods, away from everyone. Far from all the noise of the world which makes it look more intimate and real.


With the huge trees and wild flowers, the couple looked like gorgeous elves getting married. The bride looked like she were a princess lost into the woods while the groom looked like a prince waiting to save her. Besides the couple’s outfit, the angle and shots of the camera really made a lot of difference. What makes it more interesting is that the holding area where they prepared was designed to look like one of those abandoned stoned houses that were long forgotten into the woods. Something that completed the seemingly abrupt wedding. Nonetheless, everything just looked so simple but classy.


Despite the mysterious effect of the ambiance of the woods, it was no mystery that the couple were very intimate people. They preferred to have a simple yet classic reception venue that were brightened up the presence of the people closest to their hearts. Filled with food, music and laughter, the couple just knew that they wouldn’t want to do their wedding in any other way.