Manhattan is known for its busy and fast paced Financial District. Everyone is just so always on the go and noisy while trying to make a living every day. Although there are some people who are well accustomed to the hustle and bustle of a city life, there are actually some instances wherein you just want to escape from it.


Most especially during some important occasions you want to truly treasure without having the memory of a yellow cab ruining everything- an occasion such as your wedding day. Would you believe that you can experience an outdoor garden wedding within the metropolis of Manhattan? Mimi and Maurice’s wedding last August 12, 2017 have shown the beauty of finding a secluded garden within a busy city.

Surrounded by gigantic buildings, a very generous amount of meadow was spread over a make-shift garden on top of a building. It showed one acre park that is more than enough to cater a solemn wedding.  No wonder, this garden was called The Elevated Acre. It was an oasis conveniently elevated above the city streets. It had beautiful plants that made it look like you were really on an actual garden wedding away from the city.

Being secluded made it safe from the symphony of cars honking at each other and all the unromantic sounds that the city life could offer. So, you can be sure that your wedding will stay solemn even with the city streets beneath you and the towering buildings surrounding you. Bonus part is that they get to use their view as a backdrop.

Mimi and Maurice looked so modern and minimalist on every details of their weddings. From the preparation, up to the actual wedding day, everything was just so simple yet classy. A theme that really matched The Elevated Acre. With love and the will to rise above the city life, this wedding destination is the perfect one for them.