With the bride’s stunning wedding gown in trumpet silhouette and the groom’s classic tuxedo, the couple looked like a power duo in a royal magazine.

From the prepping time, the couple emitted a certain kind of a royalty vibe. No, they didn’t have to spend a gazillion amount of money, but the way that they put classiness on certain details just make Ann and TJ’s wedding fit for a royalty.

The bride did all the preparation at her home but mind you, the robes that they customized were fit for a princess. The groom, however opt to do his preparation in a hotel no less than the Marriott Hotel.

The wedding itself that happened at St. James Roman Catholic Church remained solemn and private, just the way that a royalty would want to. They’ve exchanged vows in front of the people closest to them and inside the house of God, like every royalty would have done.



Aside from everything that has been mentioned, the real proof that Ann and TJ’s wedding is really fit for a royalty is their reception. The Venetian is such a perfect place if you want to make your wedding reception look like a royal couple just got married. The outdoor lawn looks exactly like it copied the royal family’s backyard. Not to mention their garden that looked so classy in every angle. Wherever you lay your eyes on can be a place worthy of a picture to commemorate your wedding day with a royal vibe.


Last but definitely not the least, the reception hall at the Venetian looked like it’s used for a royal ball. The stairs looked like princes and princesses walked down on it. The white painted walls with classic architectural designs look so perfect for a royal wedding.


With all of these, Ann and TJ’s wedding does fit the royal books without even trying so hard just like their love for each other.