If it’s not in picture, it didn’t happen. This is the reason why social media is something that people are currently addicted with. They have this platform to document everything that is going on with their lives. Instagram is one of the most popular social media nowadays because of its feature wherein all you have to do is post pictures to document your life. Wedding days are definitely not an exemption.

Mary and Michael’s wedding pictures definitely had IG worthy pictures worth of a thousand hearts because of how creative the shots are. Here are some tips on how to make your weddings pictures IG-worthy based on their wedding shots:

Choose a creative wedding location

The couple chose Adler Planetarium as their wedding venue and reception as the same time because of its iconic view of Chicago. It has a one of a kind waterfront view and breath taking cityscapes that are great for your wedding pictures and are greatly astounding in real life.


Look for places that is important to the both of you

You can go to places that are important for the both of you. Like the first movie theatre that you went to or that certain street you first bumped into each other. Look for places that have meaning for the both of you and it would definitely show into your pictures.






Take unconventional shots

This is where your photographer’s skills would be needed. You can use that bridge or that polished floor’s reflection to make a creative shot that are different from the usual wedding pictures.

Take shots of movements

Creatively photographed movements just make your picture more alive. Either you show how much you had fun on your wedding day through a photographed dance or how much you love each other through a kiss.

Always keep it real

Despite making an effort to make your pictures turn out wonderful, you should always keep it real. There’s nothing more dismaying that awkward looking pictures. No matter how creative the pictures are, if the couple are not comfortable with it, it will always show in the pictures.

Just take note of these tips and you may have IG-worthy pictures like Mark and Michael’s wedding pictures.