Garden weddings are a common wedding destination for couples who doesn’t want a traditional church wedding. There’s just something refreshing on having it done outside with all the greenery surrounding you. Aside from the beautiful plants in a garden, you can take your garden wedding into a whole new level just like Diana and Chris’ wedding.

Aside from the common arrangement of garden wedding venues, what really stood out was the tunnel garden that was available at the Tuscan Garden Snug Harbor, New York. Who would have thought that something so exquisite would be found in a garden somewhere in New York City?

A tunnel garden, as implied on its name is a collection of plants formed in a way that resembles a tunnel. There’s something majestic when your pictures are taken when you’re inside that tunnel garden. It’s like all of the sudden, you are transported in an enchanted place and you, the bride is the queen of that enchanted forest. While your groom, is patiently waiting for you at the end of that tunnel. This tunnel garden would really bring out the love from any couple.

Truly, the Tuscan garden is one of the most recommended garden in Snug Harbor. There are so many reason for you to choose it as your next wedding destination. It has a perfect landscape. It can accommodate up to 250 guest. It has a great reception area with grand buildings with great architecture. Plus, it’s like you’ve been to Florence since it was modeled after Villa Gamberaia.

If you ever go for a garden wedding, choose Tuscan garden just like what Diana and Chris did. You will not be disappointed with the tunnel garden that it can offer. It’s the perfect add on for anyone’s dream garden wedding because of how it was designed to commemorate your momentous occasion.