Each photo taken showed nothing but pure bliss. Not a single person present that day was able to remove the smile on his or her face. It was a celebration done intimately with the closest people for the bride and the groom. Their family and closest friends who were not timid to show that they too were having fun made the happiness complete. Just like, Samantha and Jonathan who were not afraid of showing their goofiness and cool dance moves.



The couple were both simple and fun in the most adorable way that you can really see in an instant that they were really a match. They were able to find a home at each other’s arms. Which is why it is not a surprise that they chose a wedding venue that also felt like home to the both of them.


Madison Hotel has this homey feeling that no one can deny. It’s like a home away from home. It was low key extravagant but still it had that ambiance that offers nothing but comfort. The wedding area were extremely wonderful. With glass walls, you have the outdoor view to serve as your wonderful backdrop. They had all the necessary equipment for a wedding yet they were able to make it look like it was effortless. Like they have lived their entire life inside the Madison Hotel. The decoration and all were all simple and classy, not to remove that home-like feels. That’s how homey their wedding venue is.

One of the most important thing to remember is that no matter how homey your wedding venue is, the people around you and that person you’ll say your vow to on that day would make your wedding day feels like home. It’s not on the venue, although it really helps a lot, that made Samantha and Jonathan’s wedding felt like home. It was their love for each other that made it felt like home.