Everything about Ira and Gian Carlo’s wedding was so classic. From the light pink and white combination of her bouquet of roses up to the bride’s lacy wedding gown, everything was so classic and romantic.


The groom’s tuxedo was in a gray shade that matches the whole pastel looking theme of the wedding. The Crystal Plaza also offer a wedding garden venue that has white wooden chairs that just complete the classic theme. Not to mention the Victorian looking gazebo with pastel looking flowers and leafy vines draping around it just gives a romantic touch to it.

The wedding ceremony was simple yet classy, the reception however was extremely exceptional. It was still classic and romantic but in a more extravagant way. The venue looked like it was used as a hall in a palace were ball events were used to be held. It had the structure of a room in a palace and yet the minimalist, pastel with a classic touch look was not overpowered.


Their cake was a four layered cake that was classic with pastel colored roses as a design. Everything was well put together which made it a perfect classic and romantic wedding.

The couple was indeed very classy on their own kind of way. Their movements were all so elegantly executed that every picture of them taken, whether they were on the move or not, looked so perfect.


Every cliché posing of newly wedded couples were done and yet they made it their own which makes it not cliché at all. Of all the perfect pictures of the couple, it was their moments in front of their guest during their reception that really stood out.

During those moments, they were standing beside each other with their arms around them and fog was accumulating on their feet, which made an impact to me. It looked so classic and romantic as if the heaven went down for such lovely couple.