The bride was holding this simple yet classic bouquet of roses in pastel colour. She was such an elegant sight on her stunning off white with beige details wedding gown. On the other hand, the groom was dashing on his tuxedo with bow tie. When you try to scrutinize it, Mandy and William’s wedding was beautifully simple yet it came off as the one of the most elegant weddings you could ever see. There are ways to get that elegant touch on your wedding day without going beyond budget and it’s not what you quite expect.


Choose a simple gown

Simple yet elegant- that’s the look that we should aim for. It’s all about choosing the right cut and material for your body. Contrary to what we believe in, it’s not about spending millions on your gown that would make it look elegant. Like, have you seen what the royalty wore on their weddings?


Let your wedding venue do the talking

Find a place that looks elegant without even trying. The decorations and all matters but the real deal can be seen on how the place was structured on its own. Loeb Boathouse at Central Park New York was a place that we wouldn’t expect to provide an elegant touch to a wedding but it did. With its great structure-the fountain, benches, buildings and even the stairs, just make it so much more elegant.

Make your wedding reception as simple as possible

Free your wedding reception from too much decoration, opt to a more structured venue instead. The red brick and wooden structure at the Loeb Boathouse really made the reception elegant on its own way. It wasn’t the blind me with sparkles elegant but the mature kind of elegance. It provided a strong sense of sophistication that really made this wedding so beautiful.

All of these could help you have the elegant wedding that you always wanted but what really makes any wedding elegant is how the couple handle themselves during their wedding. Just like Mandy and William!