Weddings are one of the most important occasion in a person’s life. If you find the one, you might actually experience it once. Yet, despite how magical or wonderful a wedding is, one thing that you can’t remove is how stressful the preparation is. This is where Sara and Brian’s wedding stood out. Although I know that it’s not really zero percent of stress but judging by their pictures, it is evident that they choose the right wedding venue that has less hassle without compromising the wedding that they dream of.

Choosing a country club is one of the most ideal wedding venue that you can think of. Not only do they provide you a vast area of greenery worth of a thousand pictures but also they have classic structures fit for a romantic couple photos.

What makes it so convenient is that you can already have rooms for you to prepare, an outdoor wedding and an indoor reception area all in one place. Just like Stonebridge Country Club in Smithtown, New York where Sara and Brian’s wedding happened.

Country Clubs usually offer everything. They can provide you a sound system for you to groove with. You can dance away all stress of wedding preparation because you got yourself someone to worry for you instead. They can also arrange the catering services.

You get to have the wedding cake of your dreams without having to search every cake shop at your place. Plus, they can have someone to decorate your entire wedding venue.

Although, they wouldn’t need too much decorating because of how aesthetic the looks of country clubs are. I mean, members of such country club doesn’t pay an annual membership fee for nothing. Right? Truly, Sara and Brian chose a country club because it is the most ideal venue you can have so you wouldn’t stress too much with the preparation and just focus on the most important thing which is getting married with that person besides you.