It is but natural for a bride to have a hard time deciding what kind of look she will have on her wedding day. I mean, with all the perfect hair and outfit for a wedding day, how could you possibly settle for just one? Girls will be girls. There’s nothing wrong with that, except for some major issues that you would surely have to overcome. First, time constraint, second is going beyond your budget.

You have to take into consideration the fact that in one day, there will be so much going on. You will have your wedding ceremony, your wedding reception and a lot of wedding photos and videos in between. You can’t afford to spend so much time creating another look.


Another thing to consider is how much it could actually cost to create a lot of looks in one day. You will spend on what you’ll wear and additional cost on the labor of those who will style you.

But worry not. You can still make your dream of creating the looks you’ve always wanted on your wedding day by taking into consideration these three tips that you can get from Suzy & Frank’s wedding:

Plan your looks as practical as possible.

Suzy opted for a classic bun on her wedding ceremony to give her more of the princess look which was styled in a way that when she let her hair down, she’ll have a wavy hair styled to make her look chic on their wedding photo opp. That way it wouldn’t be too difficult to have her hair styled.

You don’t need two bridal gowns

You can make your bridal gown have two different looks by changing your hairstyle. That’s an instant update of your look in a day.

Have a dress for your wedding reception

Aside from creating another look for your wedding reception, it also provides you a chance to relax and have more fun on your wedding reception. No matter how comfy your bridal gown is, you would still need to get out of it for you to move and have fun on your day.