The first thing that comes to our mind when we prepare for our wedding, besides your groom or bride to be, is the wedding theme. There are a lot of wedding themes that have been done by now. Some are done a couple of times now and some are considered very rare.


We have wedding themes that are stylish and chic, some are royal and regal and some are simple and classic. But what really makes a wedding theme stand out is the personality. Have you heard of a Star Wars theme wedding? How about a wedding done in a library? All of these weddings were unique because of how the personalities of the couples were embedded on their wedding theme.

It’s more than obvious that Mandie and Tommy were both very outgoing. You can see how they both like sports, how they are always on the go, how they both love the sun, and how they like to keep things simple yet fun. All of these characteristics can be seen on their wedding theme. The bride all got dolled up in a sports center where they both are very comfortable with.


They chose a small church at Milwaukee for the wedding ceremony. The ceremony was attended by their closest family and friends. Their wedding reception at a yacht was just so fun. It’s different from your usual wedding reception that were a little bit too uptight.

The reception gave you the feeling of going on a trip with your loved ones, minus the fact that you are all on formal attires. You could clearly see how they just enjoy each other’s company in every frame.

Truly, the perfect wedding for an outgoing couple is to base their wedding theme with the things that they both love. Just like Mandie and Tommy’s wedding. They want things, simple, sporty and fun, so their wedding had all those elements. So don’t stress out on deciding what your wedding theme is and just follow what you want because you deserve it.