We all want a Happy Ever After with the person that we love. From childhood, we are told that if we dream and believe hard enough, we can make all our dreams come true.

With the looks that the bride and groom were giving to each other on their wedding day, I can truly say that they have found their dreams coming true right before their eyes.

Grace and Taeho’s wedding was exceptionally dreamy. It will give you the feeling of royal excitement that you feel when you are reading one of your favorite story book and you get to the part where the prince and princess are finally getting married.

Everything was like a scene from a fairy tale. It was just so magical.

The bride looked like she was a Disney princess getting married to his equally dashing groom that also looked like a prince on his gorgeous tuxedo. The bridal gown was in a ball gown cut that made her look so much more royal. Her beaded headdress looked like a crown fit for a princess. The tuxedo was in an elegant black shade with the classic bow tied.   The newly wed really looked like they have found each other’s fairy tale as they stood together.

The wedding venue and reception would give you an ethereal feel with royal touches. The pink light that was used in the reception just made the venue looked more magical. Like it was showing that something magical is happening at that moment.


Everything else was classic. The structure of the place was like one of those scenes in a fairy tale where the couple dances until they fall in love. Their wedding cake had a Happy Every After design on it.

It was really a fairy tale wedding that only showed how much they would love each other even beyond their happily ever after.