As much as I love wedding photoshoots that are done in the most breathtaking way by choosing locations that are equally breathtaking, wedding shoots that depicts ordinary scenes in the most familiar scenery surely is one of my favorites. Not only does it shows the reality of how the couples are without being distracted with the less important things.

Yes, a great scenery won’t hurt but at the end of the day, it’s not about where the couples are but the couple themselves that really matters.

Hanna and Eugene’s wedding photos really depicted what it’s like to find a true love in its rawest form. Their shoot was comfortable yet it was surreal how it looked so breathtaking without needing to look for far locations. They strutted the streets of Boston, posed at Ame Boston Hotel and strolled at the park like what they would normally do on a regular day except that they were on bridal gown and tuxedo.

Their smiles looked so comfortable while they walked down the streets or how they dance on the park.

Despite it being a little harder to shoot on places with some people on it, the couple were more than willing to pose for each shot.

With this, you can see how comfortably in love they are with each other in each photo.

That’s what a raw kind of love is. A love that isn’t bound to please other people by conforming to what just look good with the eyes. As to what a famous author once said, “What is essential is invisible to the naked eye.”

So don’t let your wedding be just for a show. Do what makes you feel good and do it with feelings. Just like how Henna and Eugene had fun on every second of their wedding day. You deserve it.