All eyes were on the bride as she walked towards the altar while being accompanied by two of the most important people in her life. She wore a simple bridal gown and walked on an aisle of flowers or any sort of extravagant decoration and yet she looked so breath taking.

The groom was also dashing on his gray suit with lilac tie. The couple had a classic yet refreshing take on their minimalistic wedding looks. Aside from their looks, Ceci and Dan’s entire wedding was definitely a breath of fresh air because of its minimalistic approach.

Sometimes, less means more. They definitely made their wedding look so different compared to the other weddings where they invest so much, to the point of too much, on making their wedding as extravagant as possible.

There’s nothing wrong with making your wedding as the best of the best but sometimes because of our desire to make your wedding look so great, we forget what really matters.

Something that Ceci and Dan really treasured is each other and you can clearly see that they are fully aware of what really matters on their wedding day. It’s not having an aisle decorated by flowers but being able to say their vows in front of the altar, inside of the house of God.

It’s not having a studded wedding outfit but being with the one that you love while wearing something that you are comfortable with. It’s not having an over decorated room for your wedding venue but a room filled with people that truly treasure you.

It’s not really that important to invest on trivial things. I know, wedding is a once in a lifetime experience and it is but natural to aim for the best. But if you’re standard for what is best is based on what is pleasant in the eyes of other people, then you are doing it wrong. For what really matter is how much you love each other and nothing else.