We all love to see the bride walk down the aisle towards her groom forever. Aside from the fact that it is such a wonderful sight to see, it is an added fact that we always look out at what the bride was wearing.

Although, it is just but a minor detail since there is no way that a bride filled with love could look ugly on any bridal gown on her wedding day, we still love to look forward to it. But besides the bridal gown, another thing that we look forward to are the flowers. Flowers just makes every wedding look so dreamy and effortlessly gorgeous.

Klarissa and Prescilo’s wedding was definitely a wedding filled with blooming flowers as blooming as their love for each other. Klarissa’s wedding bouquet was a very ethereal white rose with pale green leafs to complete the look. The bouquet itself looked like it was something a magical creature could only create.

It is evident that Klarissa really loves flowers because of how much Prescillo made sure that his bride will have the best by sending her a box filled with blue roses.

The flower power doesn’t stop there because the couple chose to have their wedding venue at The Park Savoy Estate Florham Park, New Jersey. A place where colorful flowers are always in full bloom.

The couple really looked so happy having flowers on their backdrop and their closest family and friends at their side.

They also have the indoor reception decorated with flowers. It also came as no surprise to see their wedding cake decorated with flowers. Truly, there is no such thing as too much flower on your wedding day.

So go ahead and consider having a flower themed wedding day for the flower lover in you. For there’s nothing more lovely than a flower in full bloom just like your love for each other.