You know you’re doing it right if everyone in the room is smiling. It could be because of how simple yet elegant the wedding venue is. It could also be because of how effortlessly lively the reception was.

Or it could be because of how gorgeous the bride and groom looked like.

All of these could have contributed to the wonderful wedding of Joanne and Joshua but what really made everyone smile is the fact that the couple were all smiles during that day. Their smiles were filled with so much love for each other that it became highly contagious to those who are watching them.

Thanks to such an elegant boutique style hotel wedding that made it stress free for the couple. India House, One Hanover Square in New York really offered everything that they could ask for. It has a modern architecture that offered so much elegance in every shot.

It was also conveniently situated on a neighborhood with great structures that made every photo unique. It can also offer a touch of nature where the couple and some of their closest friends had great photos taken. Everything was convenient for the couple and yet they didn’t have to compromise what they’ve dreamed of for their wedding.

One take away on their wedding is to always go for comfort without thinking too much on what would look good or what not. Because at the end of the day, it is your wedding day and you should be the one really enjoying it.

A boutique style hotel wedding is definitely one of the top choices for those who want to have a wedding that is comfortable and still look so elegant. It’s no longer a surprise if couples choose this kind of wedding because of how elegant yet laid back it is. You can definitely how wonderful this kind of wedding is on Joanna and Joshua’s smiles!