So you have found someone who loves dogs as much as you do and bonus part is, that someone became your partner and special bonus part is, you’re getting married with that person. Congratulations! Now, all you have to do is plan your wedding and decide on a wedding theme. Before you go all crazy on that wedding theme, take a step back and discuss with your partner how you can do it on a more elegant way.

It’s no longer a surprise that you both would want to have your beloved pets incorporated on your wedding day. Although, dogs are so cute, you wouldn’t want to make them the star on your wedding day. It is your wedding day and the bride and groom should be remembered as they are.

But worry not; you could still incorporate your pet dogs without ruining the elegance of your wedding day. Take it from Luna and Gil’s wedding day at The Bell House, Brooklyn, New York. It was such an elegant wedding where they had a white cloth as their backdrop with elegant looking leaves draping down. It just give you a chill feel like you were just strolling down a park.

The whole reception in fact had that kind of vibe. With wooden folded chairs and light bulbs hanging above them, it was a picture of an elegant day on a park somewhere- a park that you and your dog would love to go to.

Of course, you wouldn’t let your beloved pets be not a part of your wedding cake. Just take a look at Luna and Gil’s cute wedding cake. They made it so personalized that they made sure they got exactly the replica of their dogs as toppers on their wedding cake. It was so adorable and elegant at the same time.

All dog lovers out there should worry not because you can still have an elegant wedding even if you want to incorporate your loving pets on your special day because they too are special in your life.