We all love a good dose of nature on our wedding day. There’s just something so magical with having your photos taken on a place that you know was created by the hands of God.

But although, we love nature so much, there are unprecedented events that could happen when you opt to have your wedding reception on the great outdoor so it is still a wide decision to have an indoor wedding reception. The dilemma for this is that it is quite difficult to find a place that would offer both. Luckily, Janet and Gilbert’s wedding showed us a place where you can get a taste of nature and have an indoor reception at the same in New York.

The Village Club at Lake Success, Great Neck, New York has such a wonderful view to offer. The lake provided a great outdoor shoot for the couple that showed the nature loving side of them. Being surrounded by luscious trees were also perfect for the couple that they looked like they were both just strolling somewhere in the wilderness when in fact they were still inside the vicinity of the Village Club that also offered an indoor reception area.

The indoor reception area also had a touch of nature trough their great centre pieces. It was such a cosy reception filled with fun and love without worrying from uncontrollable events yet still having to enjoy such great view.

No matter how perfect Janet and Gilbert’s wedding was, there was one uncontrollable event that they weren’t able to foresee- a rainbow appeared on their wedding day and it was the most beautiful unprecedented event that you could hope for.

Truly, Village Club at Lake Success, Great Neck, New York is a wedding destination for all of those couples who loves nature but doesn’t want to take risk against the uncontrollable weather. So make sure to learn from Janet and Gilbert’s wedding and opt for a wedding destination where nature and indoor collides.