There’s a reason why wedding bridal gowns are usually in white. Yes, it looks good and makes everyone have that refreshing glow when they’re in white but it is because white symbolizes purity, innocence and spirituality- a characteristic that every bride must have to truly be the perfect bride. Still having a pure white themed wedding is on a different level.

It only shows how much true love are being given and reciprocated with each other. A love that is pure, innocent and spiritual. It is the kind of love that everyone must have, just like Gina and David.

Gina and David’s wedding at Woodbury Jewish Center in New York was definitely beautiful. It shows how elegant white is when used in a classic way. The white roses were all so beautiful it complimented the beauty of our bride Gina. She looked so majestic on her white bridal gown with dreamy lace details.

The reception had white decorations and white flower center pieces. Everything had a white touch on it but it wasn’t over the top.

Truly, white themed weddings are the best because of how aesthetically pleasing they are to look at. But remember that it isn’t the color theme that would make your wedding look so beautiful. Yes, it does contribute a lot but it will always be the couple that would make any wedding perfect. Judging by Gina and David’s look, their wedding was definitely a success because of how much they love each other.

Just a tip for those who are opting for a color themed wedding, make sure that you don’t go over the top with your color choices. Make sure that it still look elegant and that it doesn’t come as exaggerated. So, if you want something classy, a white wedding theme is definitely for you.