Sue & Henry’s Garden Wedding captivates the fresh scenery of nature, the vivid greenery, the freshest flowers, and of course, that precious natural light that flows all throughout the place. It appeals mostly for those who want natural yet elegant colors, vibrant and overwhelmingly soothing to the eyes.

Garden Weddings are becoming an exquisite choice for couples who seeks serene moments with each other, resonating the tranquil scenery to the crowd with its austere calm vibe that lets you feel one with nature, a calm oneness that reveres the essence of unity and trust that envelops the vows made by Sue & Henry. A love which flows through the light and shadow of the natural vibe of the venue.

A common difficulty among couples who are trying to choose and select a Garden Wedding venue as their choice of location is they might feel it to be too normal, too plain or too common. But that is not what is shown in Sue & Henry’s Garden Wedding. It elegantly expresses the charisma of the groom and the allure of the bride with the spectacular combination of natural sunlight with the warm shadow of the green lush vegetation embodied with the hues and color of nature.

Elegance in simplicity, that’s what is shown in Sue’s String lined wedding Dress with subtle yet sophisticated laced designs, matched with the Finely-Tapered Suit of Henry.

Both are perfectly suited together. Paired with the shoreline scene and cool breeze of the sea, this Garden Wedding Reception surely wins the aesthetic mind of the guest.

The warm light of the evening reception took the event on a whole new level, dazzling through the night are the open area setting with a feel of pleasure and excitement, polished with the perfect harmony of the garden, the sea and the grandeur of the couple.

Sue & Henry’s Wedding shook the common derailments of the Garden Wedding skeptics and changed the norms for such Wedding Venue Preference.