Vivian & Saleh’s Wedding is not your typical day-to-day wedding, by God’s Grace and the love of their family, these couple enjoined different circumstances gathered into one. Peaked into their hearts the unity and trust, provided by Our Lady of Rosary Chapel, Poughkeepsie, NY surely sets their precious moment truly remarkable and a sight to behold.

Our Lady of Rosary Chapel, built by hands the stone to adore, such as the couple who stands to implore. These elegant stone structure highlighted the Wedding Day of Vivian & Saleh. The surrounding natural light provided by the ambiance of the woodlands bespectacled the vision of the couples’ eternity into total harmony. By the walls of this church hewed to withhold the test of time emanates their vows made to last.

People usually find it too cliché to have a church wedding, but few recognizes that that is how it should be. Abiding God’s Blessings, these couple have tied the knot in a common yet extraordinary fashion. Vivian & Saleh have chosen that good part, a test of faith, a spirit of love.

There is beauty all around, that’s what is shown in Vivian’s String lined wedding Dress with subtle yet sophisticated laced designs complimented with her elegant flower diadem, matched with the Finely-Tapered Suit of Saleh.

Together, they conform ethnicities and proved that love conquers all adversities. Truly a match made in heaven.

The reception that followed provided by VIP Country Club, New Rochelle, NY had the crowd stunned. With dramatic elements paired with spectacular lights and set-up, the wedding surely unified the family of the couple. The floor entrails entertainment and courtesy which were enjoyed and loved by the friend and families of the couple.

Vivian & Saleh’s Wedding proved that love knows no bound, it can unify hearts, harmonize values and develop a love that conquered all odds.