Jaci & Ryan’s Wedding theme is starkly one of the creative one I have yet to see, from the captivating background scenes and pure contrast and lovely strand of the old scenery. This combination of past-to-present vibe is pleasing to the eyes and very desirable to behold. Complimented by the spacious area of the train station, Jaci & Ryan’s pre-wed shots are exquisitely well done!

Past-to-present Wedding Themes are among the most chosen themes of the recent years, from the mesmerizing effect of the old buildings and machineries blended with the new concepts of art and photography, the results are aesthetically profound and magical. It creates the effect of being into the world but not of the world.

The Liberty House in Jersey City hosted the Jaci & Ryan’s special event. The place is very beautiful, surreal, unbelievably satisfying to behold. This place is sure provide each guest and family the WOW effect tenfold. Even I am stunned to see the magnificence and elegance of the place.

The Liberty House offers the total package a weeding has to offer, from wondrous hand crafted decoration, very convenient geographical location that offers a magnificent Manhattan skyline view, great lighting effects, very spacious ballroom and function hall, immense back garden and in-house farm-to-table cuisine and many more. This place surely intensifies the vibe of a wedding, turning it from spectacular to remarkably outstanding.

Elegantly beautiful, that’s what is shown in Jaci’s String lined wedding Dress with subtle yet sophisticated laced designs complimented with her simple yet unmistakably gorgeous short veil, matched with the Finely-Tapered Suit of Ryan. These couple conforms time and turns eternity into reality. A perfect match in a perfect place, an endless harmony of love and devotion united by time and a bright prospect for the future.

Jaci & Ryan’s Wedding is literally an unforgettable moment, from the dramatic exchanges of vows to the warm arrangements of the wedding reception. The Liberty House in Jersey City held its reputation for a place of beauty, a place of solitude, a place of fun, love, laughter and entertainment. The picturesque nature of the place takes the wedding reception into new heights, making it one of the best memories that changes the couple’s lives forever.