At first glance, Caitlin & Sean’s Wedding seems a little too simple from the standpoint of extravagant garden wedding, but that is not the case here. The Terrace on the Park in Flushing, New York offers more than that. It gives you the feeling of a garden wedding held in an indoor location.

The Terrace on the Park offers literally a park, but at its core is a magnificent building that has been serving the new Yorkers for more than 30 years, lush outdoor garden landscape with very beautiful sceneries perfect for wedding occasions, large ballroom indoor that accommodates almost anything that a wedding reception needs, personal suites for guest and a great view of the New York skyline. This surely is a place noteworthy of being one of the best wedding events venue in New York.

Caitlin & Sean’s Wedding started with the picturesque landscape of Terrace on the Park, with its wide array of architectural landscape scenes, bright rays of the sun and fresh breeze from the east, everything went from well to gracious perfection.

The Wedding ceremony was held indoors, with their large ballroom halls solely for wedding purposes, the drama of the lights that reflects throughout the room radiates the solemn and holy vows that the couple are going to take.

With each lines a blessing, with each touch a hope. A hope that strengthen the bonds and dreams of the matrimonial ceremony, turning each of them whole, becoming as one with God and each witnesses.

The pleasant atmosphere of the evening reception made the event more memorable, dancing through the night are the awe inspiring music, jiving through the rhythm and blues, giving life to the stage giving warmth and excitement, coupled with the perfect harmony of the garden, the night sky and the splendor of the couple.

Caitlin & Sean’s Wedding takes the theme of the Garden Wedding and changed its forms to better suit the common preference of the upcoming generation, combining outdoor productivity with an outdoor functionality.