Melissa & Graham’s Garden Wedding excites the inner most creative perception that is stilled within us, the garden scenery captivates our personal disposition in landscape and in freedom. Combined with the vibrant colors of the garden vista and the brilliant symmetry of architecture, lines and motion, these in effect creates an enchanted attraction that makes the mind entranced in a verdant surrounding filled with eye-catching foliage and architectural brilliance.

Featured is the Untermyer Park, Walled Garden in New York, it is one of the leading public park in the country when it comes to aesthetic beauty and elegance.

It offers a perfect landscape view of a walled garden, perfect symmetry of lines and art in the garden vista and the vast vibrant colors of various plants and shrubberies. It also offers a different approach to landscape architecture with its unique “rock garden” and “sundial garden” attractions.

The temple of love stands firm and tall, reflecting the love and devotion of Melissa & Graham, the pillars of the temple symbolizes strength and stability, a bridge between heaven and earth that connects the eternal resolution of the couple.

Virtuous and lovely, the evident attributes that is shown in Melissa’s String lined silk wedding Dress complimented with a long-veil tiara, perfectly matched with the Finely-Tapered Suit of Graham.

Both are exemplary lovely together. Paired with the shadows of the sun reflecting the hues of the Park, this Garden Wedding in the Park definitely hit the warm heart and soft spirit of the family and guests.

The reception commenced in the Night Of Joy Bar in Brooklyn, celebrating the union of the couple with sweet music and a valiant toast for a blissful life filled with joy and love and best future in the days to come.

In more ways than one, Melissa & Graham’s Garden in a Park Wedding exemplifies in both wisdom and love, choosing for the better part a sensation of gratitude and appreciation for nature and its bounty that in its abundance may share its blessing to them and to their posterity through time and eternity.  The love that binds unity and solidarity.