Italian Inspired Palatial Wedding is one of the sought after wedding theme for young couples who fancy a venue that displays exquisite glamour and feel of the Victorian era combined with modern garden plaza sceneries and splendor.

Lori & Richard’s Italian Palatial inspired wedding is one of the prime example of such refined taste of sophistication and detail that transpired both old world edifice and new world artistry.

Lori & Richard’s Italian Palatial inspired wedding offers an open garden wedding ceremony at the gardens of Leonard’s Palazzo located at Great Neck, New York that offers a clear view of the sky and the feel of crisp air in the late afternoon.

Nothing makes for a perfect all floral set-up than within nature itself, with live trees, shrubs and, if you are lucky, maybe even some birds and butterflies. Reception followed inside Leonard’s Palazzo.

Leonard’s Palazzo represents the absolute peak in opulence and luxury, located on Long Island’s fabled North Shore, it is a triumph of dazzling Old World architecture and exhilarating New World innovations and delights which is perfect for any special occasion that deserves nothing less than the grandest of things. Impeccably planned, exquisitely tendered like sketches of a fantasy.

Indoor Victorian Architecture passionately resonates to the whole interior of the palazzo, with its lavishly elegant staircases, glittering great assortment of chandeliers and various crystal-made decorations, the rich color of the place and dazzling flicker of the warm illumination makes the whole event gloriously beautiful and graciously memorable.

Indeed, Lori & Richard’s Italian Palatial inspired wedding at Leonard’s Palazzo is a definitely a triumphant preference for an elegant blast-from-the-past Victorian Era Wedding venue. A captivating and wonderful experience that can never be forgotten.