The Foundry, located at Long Island City, New York is a 19th century building that has been meticulously restored to showcase its industrial character and stunning proportions. Adaptable for many uses and available to rent for wedding, corporate events, launch parties, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, films, video and photo shoots.

The Foundry’s interior boasts more than 3,000 square feet of raw space with a lush outdoor courtyard, perfect for gatherings and special events. A rooftop terrace with views of the Manhattan skyline that offers a picturesque venue for relaxation and city lights appreciation.

It also offers indoor greenhouse for cool, natural ventilation and appealing ambience and fully equipped industrial kitchen for major catering and food preparation services.

Crediting to the awe inspiring background effect are the vine decorated walls of the foundry, which is carefully planned to perfection, hard to maintain but elegant in its own right. The foundry walls is a captivating sight that refreshes the old memories and lightens the mind with its eccentric and aesthetic refinement.

Rebecca and Michael tied the know at this magnificent place, the raw open space offers ample room for all the guest and family, celebrating the love and devotion of the couple with wondrous lights and perfect indoor architecture that reflects the perfect bond and admiration of the pair.

The highlight of the event is the sensational warm light of the night, the dazzling place brightens up and brings life to this 19th century factory. To which the guest and family enjoyed the evening reception with a pleasant atmosphere and austere vibe of the place that is expressed by the indoor greenhouse, truly a magnificent set-up for the night.

The night closes with a cheerful dance for everyone to enjoy, vigilant throughout the whole evening, The Foundry is the place to be for a spacious wedding event combined with the beauty of the restored building and indoor architectural symmetry.