Bright, Elegant and Perfect. These are the some words that define the day when Alexa & Michael tied their knots and vow to love each other forever. Even as they prepare for this very special moment in their lives, it could be seen with their wide smiles that they are both bursting with joy and exhilaration.

The garden of The Garrison’s located at Garrison, New York, became an exquisite choice for Alexa & Michael because of its captivating scenery of luscious green lawn and lovely flowers.

As the sunlight emanates the day, Alexa’s simple yet elegant white wedding dress made her standout in the beautiful landscape. Michael’s sleek suit is a perfect match for Alexa which made the couple more stunning. They are a total head turner.

Families, Friends and Relatives came up to show their love & support for Alexa & Michael. It is apparent to their smiles of their happiness towards the couple.

Excitement radiates all throughout the day as people filled up the seats to witness the wedding of the two love birds. No one bothered the heat of the sun and they just want to feel every single moment of the wedding.

As the ceremony begin, the quotation “love is in the air” became true. The crowd applauds and cheered as Michael finally kisses his wife, Alexa. A bright and sunny day perfectly emulates how happy the day is for Alexa & Michael.

The celebration continues as The Garrison’s prepare a wonderful table setting for the event with a chic flower bouquet as center piece, candles and light bulbs lighten up to illuminate as the night approaches. The reception was in symphony of the grandiose event.

From clouds to stars, from sun to moon, together as Alexa & Michael shares this wonderful day, may love be always the beginning and the end of all forever.