“To be treated like a queen of his king, and to be treated like a king of his queen”, that perfectly defines the perfect wedding of Mirielle and Zachary as they start a new chapter in their lives which perfectly blends in to the royal-looking interiors of The Surf Club On The Sound located in New Rochelle, New York.

Mirielle’s flawlessly woven sheath wedding gown shows her uttermost beauty and Zachary looks noble standing tall with his gray suit. Together they cast a warmth of intimacy and endearment that shall embody their lives as husband and wife.

Just like the castle in Glen Island Park on the Long Island Sound, New York that was built of stone edifice, the couple’s relationship is built with strong walls and foundation of love that withstands any adversity.

It gives off an enchanting yet classical romance between Mirielle & Zachary. The surrounding natural light provided by the woods gives off some remarkably stunning family portraits of both bride & groom.

Their wedding vows were exchanged at the enthralling view at The Surf Club On The Sound, New Rochelle, New York. Along with the families and some close friends as witnesses, love & happiness surely outpoured to each and everyone that day.

A modernized majestic royal ballroom hall set up matched with the gigantic stunning diamond chandeliers to light up their precious moments and joyous event of their lives had the guests awestruck.

The night was alive. Everyone is celebrating the fondness felt between the newlyweds. The music entertained the guests so good that it made the crowd get off their feet to jive along with the new husband and wife, it surely unified the ties of both families between the two.

Happiness, Love and Faith brought Mirielle and Zachary together and these three things they will be holding together forever and ever.