Have you ever had that feeling when God loved you so much that He has given you a perfect proof of His love with the person who you are going to spend the rest of your life? This proof can be seen through Brittany and John’s wedding. They are truly a match-made couple from heaven. As they savor every single moment of the day, their eyes full of euphoria.

The wedding ceremony was held in Dyker Beach Golf Course, which had given a captivating green scenery that made the event private and solemn for Brittany & John.

As John awaits at the altar for his beautiful bride, he can not help but to be astonished as he looks at her with a distant, slowly, inch by inch it is like a heavenly moment for him & Brittany.

It may seem like there is just two people holding hands walking by the beach but these are the steps that leads them to eternity. The love between Brittany & John is overflowing that it made their families unite to celebrate this joyous event.

Brittany opted to have a traditional white balloon wedding gown; a color that signifies pure love. As John perfectly matched his bride with a manly attire, with a slick grey coat with a pure black longsleeves and tie.

An outdoor party was prepared for the guests to enjoy the tranquility of the venue provided by the Dyker Beach Golf Course located in New York. Inside the reception hall was full of classic gold lights matching the colors of their drinks as they cheer to wish the Brittany & John a goodluck as they start a new chapter of their lives.

Truly, it is a heavenly feeling you get when you tend to have God’s perfect gift beside you, to love you in your worse and to rejoice in your best.