There’s no word to describe how much we love Darby and Vikram’s wedding. The wedding and reception happened in a luxury 5-star hotel in Downtown New York city and it was definitely dreamy. Ritz Carlton, Battery Park, New York really outdone themselves in providing the right ambiance for weddings.

With a great outdoor setting, the couple’s photos definitely had a lot of great choices to have as a background. Also, the reception was very cozy and just had enough decoration to keep the simple yet elegant vibe of the hotel reception area that fits the couple’s wedding theme.

Everything about this wedding and reception was simple, except for the fact that the couple had to change into two outfits. Yes! Groom included.

The couple belongs to different races with different traditions and culture. We can’t help but have that warm fuzzy feeling in our hearts when we saw the couple on the groom’s traditional wedding outfits that were so colorful then changing to the traditional white wedding gown and wedding suit.

It just showed how much they love each other to respect and embrace their differences. You won’t feel that they were even compromising. It was as if everything was just normal for the both of them. Truly, love knows no race.

So don’t worry about planning a wedding based on your partner’s traditional wedding ceremony if you have different races. When you love someone, you love them despite all your differences. And if you truly are meant for each other, everything will work out.

Of course, it won’t hurt to have a great team to turn your dream wedding into a reality. Take it from Darby and Vikram’s wedding. They both shined on their wedding day whether they wore a white wedding gown and suit or the traditional colorful wedding outfit.