Many young girls have been dreaming of having their wedding be held in a beach. It’s like if ever there was a fairy tale by the sea, a Beach Wedding would be it. Without a doubt, Emily & JT’s wedding in Crescent Beach Club, Bayville, New York is one fairy tale by the sea indeed.

One huge advantage of having your wedding in a beach setup is the instant atmosphere and exquisite look that beaches provide. Even the most lavishly decorated venue will not have a match to a warm, welcoming view of a beach wedding like Emily & JT’s.

The solitude feels of the location provide intimate moments and privacy for the couple and for their family which gives them a reason to spend more time which each other. True enough, Emily & JT created a shared experience for everyone at their memorable wedding.

Emily wore a classic white ballgown wedding dress, with her hair laid out fixed with curls. It matches her groom, JT, who wears navy blue tuxedo and white linen polo shirt. A perfect combination of colors that blended well to the ambiance of the place.

Emily & JT’s wedding is a break-away from the traditional church wedding where added their own personal touch and funk to the event. Happiness overflowed all throughout that day as they celebrate the joining of two hearts.

John couldn’t help not to hide his euphoric feelings as he lifts his fist while kissing Emily. Beach balls were being thrown in the air as everyone cheers for the newlyweds in their first steps towards their new chapter of love.

Complementing the theme, the reception in the Crescent Beach Club was of colors white and blue from lighting, table setting to the cake. A view that gave a pleasant vibe as they continue celebrating the night.

One thing is for sure that their love for each other is as big and as wide as the ocean; a love that has made them inseparable just like the waves kisses the sea shores.