Diana & Jason’s wedding had a backyard kind of wedding theme. With the ceremony happening outside, the white bleachers and just the right amount of flowers used as decorations made it look like a no stress wedding ceremony. Scarsdale Woman’s Club, Rowsley Estate was just the right place for that kind of vibe. The vibe was definitely a breath of fresh new air.

The reception happened indoor. With a minimalist kind of venue, it was so just so lively and fun. Everyone was smiling, laughing and moving on that dance floor.

Their family and friend definitely knew how to had fun, which is really important. The couple wasn’t after glamming up their wedding ceremony and reception venue. They were more focused on being in the moment during that day which was more than evident on how they can’t keep their eyes off each other.

Aside from the couple’s non-stop display of affection, one thing that really caught our attention is this huge tree that was at the back of the couple while they were getting married. It was so perfectly situated that it felt surreal. It was like a symbol of a deeply rooted love that the couple will forever have.

Consider having something as a symbol for your wedding day. It is something that would make you remember your wedding day over and over again. Like Diana & Jason’s wedding, they will definitely remember the day that they got married every time that they will see that tree. It will serve as a memento of their love for each other which they can go back to every now and then.

You too can have something like that. It can be on various forms. May it be an architecture, a landmark or in this case, a deeply rooted tree to symbolize your love for each other.