Contentment is one of the most important thing when it comes to marriage. It is not only being satisfied but it is the feeling of overjoy and safety with the one you are committing your whole life with. It is said that when you see this feeling through the eyes of a man and a woman, they are meant to be.

Claudia and Jeffrey’s wedding was held at The Atlantica Yacht, Chelsea Piers, New York. The location itself is satisfying especially it gives you a view of the Statue of Liberty; perfect for a special event like Claudia and Jeffrey’s wedding.

Their wedding was simple yet classy complemented by the black and white attire of the guests as well as the bride and groom. Orchids were used instead of the usual flowers such as roses and tulips which adds up to the magnificence of the wedding.

As the wedding commence, emotions start to rise. The scene was truly heart-warming, causing tears of pure bliss. Every person was moved. This marks as the last day of the bride and groom’s own selves and the first day to make their own as couple.

The reception screams sophistication. Every detail, from the chairs, table settings, up to the lighting, was arranged into perfection. It was indeed a very exhausting day but the energy of the crowd was consistent. Everyone was dancing and cheering as they rejoice for the union of two hearts beating as one.

The celebration was overwhelming. Satisfied looks from the crowd indicates that every bits of hard work, money, efforts, and time spent preparing are well paid off. Without a doubt, Claudia and Jeffrey’s wedding was a memorable one. It is an example of contentment of two lovers towards each other that lead to marriage. It doesn’t need to be extravagant nor should have a large crowd for it to be meaningful. It just needs to be made out of love.