As soon as I prepare myself for the wedding, I just can’t help myself but to smile of everything that is happening. Thinking back few years ago, I never thought that this day would come. But I believe that what’s constant in life is change and this is the change I’m ultimately happy with.

Just like any circumstances given to us by life, I am ready to face this phase head-on. I am confident. Because I know that I have someone who I can depend on; my love of my life, my husband, Jonathan George.

In life, there’s no particular insights about what’s going to happen. But it’s within ourselves to choose and decide on how we enjoy our journey and overcome challenges. One reason I am fearless is because I know I’m marrying someone who has deep faith in God. That’s all that matters. Bonus points goes to his charm and handsomeness.

And the journey was made easier with our family and friends by our side.

We choose to say “I do” at Arumdaun Presbyterian Church, New York because it is where my heart felt at ease. It is but right to say our vows in front of God who made everything possible.

My excitement grew more as I saw my loved ones with ecstatic expressions plastered on their faces. They were happy because I AM HAPPY. Everything was so special; the ceremony, the place, the people and just everything. This day may be typical to other people but for me, this is the best.

We proceeded to the reception area at East Wind Long Island with enormous smiles on our faces. Greeted by our family and friends, we continued to celebrate. Everything went smoothly according to plan and without a doubt, it will continue to flow that way because we entrust our lives to Him. Our love for Him will never fail, and His love for us will never fade.

Loving above all circumstances, Maryanne Joshua