Magdelena’s afternoon started with lots of nervous enthusiasm. It was the day all have been waiting for and she wanted all to be in place. As they wait, the bride and the bridesmaid have had some time for themselves to chill, chit – chat, and have a bits of laughter.

As the day goes by, Magdelena can’t help but to think that she is finally getting married. For Magdelena, it was the most perfect day in her life. No wonder that she is radiant in her wedding gown with intricate details that made her stunning.

Robert, on the other hand, was a confident stylish lad in his chic silver suit. He was a standout from his own entourage.

Together, they are picture – perfect. They are meant to be latched to each other.

Magdelena walks down the aisle with a genuine smile and a tight grip on her father’s hand. Her groom looked nervous as ever while waiting in front for her. Everyone was on their seats, witnessing an exceptional moment for Magdelena and Robert. At the end of the ceremony, they threw a huge round of applause as they are now pronounced husband and wife.

The wedding ceremony and the reception was held at Larchmont Yacht Club in Larchmont, New York. The waterfront view made it seem more romantic and the aerial shot of the newly wed encircled by the entourage was a hit.

The reception was simply designed but looked splendid nonetheless. The night was full of fun, laughter, great food, and drinks and dancing. Live musicians serenade the couple for their first dance. Their families and friends were all pleased at how the event started and how it ended.

Robert once again yachted Magdelena’s heart by a kiss on top of her head with the stars as their witness.