How lovely it is to find love in a place where thousands of people move from one place to another. But there comes this one day, when a certain stranger stares at you in a distant, not knowing no each other and then suddenly time moves slowly, hours gone by and by the minute you wake up, you fondly found yourself lost in love.

Jennifer & Grant’s lovestory started and will continue to another chapter in New York City. Their urban-themed wedding and reception was held at the Haven’s Kitchen in New York, New York City. The establishment even features an open bar where guests can get some drinks while they wait for the ceremony.

The wedding hall was pleasantly bright. The interior design and even the chairs was in all white. Classic flowers of whites and greens filled the wedding hall creating a vibe of elegance and simplicity. The holistic view of everything is a perfect combination that depicts peace and sincerity.

Families, relatives and close friends gathered to witness the wedding ceremony of Jennifer & Grant. Happiness were all over the place. Jennifer bloomed as she stood beside her groom beautifully wearing a simple yet radiant white linen wedding gown. As her groom, Grant wears a classic gray suite with a white flower boutonnière that matches her bride’s bouquet.

The Haven’s Kitchen specially prepared a dining hall with three long tables for the guests to share providing an intimate moment for them. It is a unique way for families & close friends to bond with each other.

In choosing where to have your wedding, it is not important to have a lavishly designed ceremony location nor an overly extravagant reception. What’s important is to feel joy, love and unity of the occasion like Jennifer and Grant’s wedding.

In a city that do not sleep, Jennifer and Grant began another chapter of their lives with hands lock with each other as they walk together in a parallel journey as husband and wife.