Isn’t it quite fascinating as you can imagine meeting someone who could completely appreciate and admire you for who you are and who you are not? It’s one of the most amazing feeling in the world to fall in love with that person and to have that person fall in love with you too.

Zenaida and Hafiez’s love story make you believe that people don’t meet by accident and that they are meant to cross the same path for a reason. They make you believe in destiny.

Their wedding ceremony was held at the grand ballroom hall of The Fountainhead located in New Rochelle, New York City. Everything in the venue was in place. The ballroom hall was lit with bright lights, the table settings were gorgeous and the stage was fabulous. It was perfectly planned for Zenaida and Hafiez’s important day.

Treasuring their family’s traditions, Zenaida and Hafiez wore their traditional wedding dresses during the wedding ceremony. It was a mixture of a modern wedding yet it keeps the Hindu tradition intact in to one.

Zenaida, wore a beautiful red Lehenga with golden imprints and a regal headpiece that matches her wedding dress. And as a part of their tradition, her body was tattooed with mehndi.

Hafiez on the other hand wore his Sherwani designed with gold and a blue stash. Together, they look like a prince and a princess.

Families of both sides, relatives and close friend really enjoyed celebrating the love of Zenaida and Hafiez with dancing and clinking their glasses as they wish the newlyweds with luck and prayers.

It really is not a problem going home, when your home is already in front of you, alive, slowly breathing, looking vibrant, glowing and is ready to venture everything with you. “I have found my home in you.”