It takes a special reason for someone to smile, a special feeling, a special contact that is felt between the eyes of the beholder. Shira found hers summed up into one and that is, Elahd. With just one blink of an eye, a lifetime of feeling and a series of happiness started.

Their euphoric wedding was held at the garden grounds of of the Crest Hollow Country Club located in Woodbury, New York. The venue was beautiful. The grounds was spacious, the flowers were blooming and the setup of shining chandeliers and white laces was a mesmerizing. Everything was in harmony.

It was a momentous scenario under the blue skies, shared by families, relatives and friends as they witness Shila and Elahd’s love grew in to another chapter as husband and wife.

Shila bloomed with pure radiance and beauty in her classic white wedding gown holding her bouquet with a combinaton of colors of blue and purple flowers. Elahd treasured his tradition wearing his kippah, while looking handsome in his manly dark blue suit with a cute boutonniĆ©re that matches his bride’s bouquet.

And as the pastor announces the legality of their marriage, Elahd breaks the glass that indicates of their commitment to stand by each other in all of the storms that is yet for them to tackle as husband and wife. There was no sign of any negative vibe that day, it was all happiness, it was all love that mattered & overflowed from one person to another.

The Crest Hollow Country Club’s dining hall was lit with bright colors of purple and gold all together. The guests were all in smiles and laughter all night.

Love surely did its best not to just combine two people in to one, but also united each and everyone.