7 billion people living in this world and I am so blessed because I have found the pair of hands that perfectly fits in the spaces of mine. I was a man looking for someone to get through the nights of longingness to hold, to kiss and to love.

Until, you, my love, came in to my life. God heard my prayers and answered it, then He gave me you.

When you walk down the aisle with your dad, wearing that stunning wedding dress with your very beautiful smile, I saw nothing more than seeing my future with you, Lane.

And I whispered to myself, I am blessed because of you. In front of our families and friends and God as our witness of our love, I declare my love for you.

I vow that I will always be at your side, to laugh with you in the brightest of days, and to cry with you in the darkest days of what is yet to give to us from this universe.

I vow that I will accept any flaw that you have, because when I marry you I’m accepting who you are and who you are not.

I vow to always make you smile, to remind you always that you are everything that I want. And I want to give everything to you, because you have given me everything that you are.

I am excited to share this chapter with you, thinking about how thankful I am that your family and mine has entrusted us with each other. I am grateful for everyone who cheered and greeted us with luck as we walk towards our new life as husband and wife.

It was a day for us to celebrate the love that we have shared to our loved ones and closest of friends. I love you, Lane. I want nothing more than to give my very best in every second of my life as your husband. Love, Brett.