Allyson and Jason’s love story makes anyone who is not in a relationship to rush in finding their perfect pair and soon to be husband or wife. Having someone to hold your hand while conquering the realities of the world is one of the sweetest blessing God will ever give to you.

At Bryant Park in New York City, Allyson and Jason happily walked their way as if they are the only person in existence. Their hands were clutched, eyes locked looking at each other not bothering anyone around, and their hearts full of love and affection.

The wedding ceremony happened at the events ground of Bryant Park Grill located in Brooklyn, New York. With bright lights to guide their path towards to the center of the aisle and flowers were beautifully arrange to brighten the aesthetics of the ceremony. It was modern at the same time elegantly designed.

The whole wedding scene captivates each and everyone’s eyes. Allyson looked very beautiful and young as she walked her way down the aisle to meet her groom wearing her lacy white sheath wedding dress designed with petal details. Jason, matched his bride wearing a classic black and white suit with a button tie and a white flower boutonniére that matches her bride’s bouquet.

Many of both families, relatives and close friends came with all of their joyous wishes and blessings for Allyson and Jason. They enjoyed the different elements that the venue has provided them; the carousel nearby, the lovely exteriors of the buildings with vines crawling on its walls and the cozy atmosphere of the reception.

It was a day of fulfillment and enthusiasm. Love can fix your eyes to look in a new perspective, love can make you not bother any negativity that people might throw you and love can especially make you do things fearlessly, now that you have someone to conquer with.