A barn wedding sounds like an ordinary option when choosing a wedding theme.  Some people might feel uneasy when they think of having the most memorable moment in their life be pictured with haystacks, wheats, dried land and a barn house.  Some would prefer having the wedding on conventional sites like at a castle, an estate, or a church where the decorations are limitless with expensive flowers and artistic designs. But for Cindy and Martin’s wedding, they proved that barn weddings can be uniquely beautiful.

Cindy and Martin bind their relationship in to a stronger one at a private Barn along Mountain Road, Grahamsville in New York. The scenery is fresh for the eyes because of nature’s own way of designing the view. The open field provides cool outdoor breeze and calm vibe for the couple, their family and guests to enjoy. It is surely an escape from the busy buzzing and stressful cityscape.

One advantage of having a Barn wedding is that it does not require the couple to have expensive attires. Wearing a simple white lacy wedding dress, Cindy, topped it all with her beautiful smile, looking splendidly captivating. On the other hand, Martin looks bold in his dark blue suit.

Barn weddings also give you the opportunity to be artistic. Cindy and Martin added their personal touch in their wedding by applying their creativity. The aisle was simply arranged with haystacks as chairs and an arc covered in vines.

Because barn weddings are not as accessible as weddings that take place in the city, only the family, close relatives and friends are most likely to be the only ones attending. This creates an intimate atmosphere and tighter bond for the family. Not to mention, it is cost-friendly to have fewer guests.

The reception was made simple yet memorable. Long wooden tables and foldable chairs were used, creating an intimate moment with their families and guests. Fire crackers, loud modern country music and a bonfire was lit. It opened every hearts as their families, relatives and friends jive to it. Everything was awe-inspiring.