Searching for “the one” is certainly one of the hardest thing in the world to do. It’s human nature to crave having someone to care for you, to have someone take makes you feel that you matter, someone who will make you feel loved. We spend most of our lives in the search for that someone and sometimes we make wrong decisions. Some people rush in to love, falling in love so easily with sweet talks and sugarcoated gestures, then most of the times, they get heartbroken. Sometimes, you just need to be sensitive because you may not know that person is just around the corner or that person is your best friend.

Marrying your best friend is like winning a lottery. Just look at Kristen and Dylan.

Marrying your best friend means you’ll be spending your whole life with someone you accepts you for who you are and who you are not.

Marrying your best friend means you do not have restrains in being quirky or throwing jokes. You are totally happy with that person.

Marrying your best friend means you have the person whom you trust the most, aside from your parents, even before you are married. It means that you can comfortably share what you’ve been through the day and there is openness with each other.

Marrying your best friend means you are assured of their love for you. You and your best friend have been through a lot and you never left each other. You understand one another. Those are the foundation of a strong relationship.

And it won’t be complete without your family and friends who surely had a role to play on how you ended up with each other. You might owe them with their teases. Sure bet that how they were supportive before you get married, they are that supportive in your marriage and beyond.

Just like, Kristen and Dylan, marry your best friend and live happily ever after.