Filipinos are people who have tight bond when it comes about family relationships. Basically, they are family oriented. It’s inculcated in their culture and values. That’s why marriage is big thing for them. Take it from Beverly and Theodore.

Some people prepare their weddings for just a month or two, some even prepare for weeks, but for Filipinos, it takes lots of lots of months to prepare. They look into every single detail and make sure that everything is perfect.

Beverly’s wedding gown was custom made from the traditional Filipino baro’t saya wedding gown to a modern laced white wedding dress. Theodore wore the Filipino Barong which is the national dress of the Philippines. It is an embroidered formal shirt which is lightweight and worn untucked over an undershirt. Generally, Filipino wedding dresses are white because it symbolizes purity.

The men in the entourage also wore Filipino Barong and the women wore peach colored dresses. It is by tradition and culture that female guests are not to wear white dresses since it contests with the bride’s wedding dress color.

Filipinos are known to be faithful people and that is evident to Beverly and Theodore. They took their vows in front of God, promising their everlasting commitment to each other and be an inspiration of faith to other people. As the wedding day came to place for Beverly and Theodore, St. Anthony Church in Hamilton, New Jersey was filled with their family and friends, happily journeying with the couple. It’s like the whole Filipino Community was there and it’s more like the wedding was happening in the Philippines. It was a wonderful day for everyone.

The reception was held in The Hamilton Manor located in Hamilton, New Jersey. Everyone was enjoying the night, dancing, and rejoicing for the newlywed. The Filipino spirit was much alive. Definitely, the preparation that took a lot of months was worth it.