Astoria, which is in the northwestern corner of the New York City borough of Queens, is such a beautiful place to hold events and have photo shoots. It is a laid-back type of neighborhood with low-rise residences, small businesses and peaceful parks.

Paper Factory Hotel are one of the famous establishments. It showcase its industrial character and stunning architecture. The walls are made of bricks, the sofa are Victorian styled, the chandelier looks like a chandelier from castles in Europe, a beautifully arranged bookshelf is right at a corner, a piano is available in place and a large mirror is attached to the wall.  Events of different sorts can take place to this marvelous hotel such as weddings, corporate meetings, private parties, movie tapings, and video and photo shoots.

Astoria Park is a picturesque place for relaxation. Because there’s lesser people in the area compared to big cities, you got to savor the moment of peace and tranquility that the ambiance of the park gives.

Less than a mile away from Astoria Park is the Astoria Center of Israel where Ilena and Josh held their wedding. It is a historic synagogue that dates back in 1925 and it can be confirmed by the paintings in the walls and ceiling. It is a closed area that makes you cherish very moment that is happening inside.

Ilena kept it simple with her cream tailor-made wedding dress, but even how simple she dresses, she blooms gorgeously. Josh surely is a perfect match for Ilena with his finely-tapered dark blue suit. But beyond their attire, their love and devotion towards each other shines the most.

As the day ends, guests and family enjoyed are gathered in an open hall to continue the celebration. The evening reception was simple but the joy is overwhelming for the joining of two hearts into one.