The Water Club Restaurant and Bar located at the East River in New York is one of the unique venues to have a wedding because of its beautiful aesthetics.

The indoor of the establishment gives you a relaxing vibe. It features rustic designs of wooden structures, wooden floor, crafted sailboats, modern lights and indoor plants.

The Club also has an open rooftop patterned like of a boat. From the rooftop, it gives you a view of the ocean which makes you forget that you are in the city and makes you feel like you are in a boat.

The terrace of the Water Club Restaurant offered perfect romantic aesthetics with the sea and the city as the background of each pictures; producing amazing photos of events like the wedding of Denise and Robert. It sure attracted guests to have their photoshoot there.

But more than those features, the locking of hearts and exchanging of vows of Denise and Robert are the highlights of the day.

As Roberts joyfully awaits his bride, he stands tall looking very dashing in his thick black suit. Denise alongside his dad, beautifully dressed in her white floral-laced wedding gown with her classic white rose bouquet. They are really a perfect match as they exchange vows with full excitement and love.

The reception hall was lightheartedly occupied by their closest relatives, families and friends. It was designed with moderate colors of white and brown giving an emphasis to the classic wooden interiors. Drinks were also being offered at the bar section for everyone to enjoy. The Water Club Restaurant and Bar, generously offered their best accommodation for each and everyone especially for Denise and Robert.

Then day turns to night time, from dim light to brightly lit lights, and city light across the sea, the hall became an instant romantic hall when the dance floor was romantically shared by the new husband and wife, Robert & Denise.