Bethany and Glenn’s love story can be described as a love story that is magnetize by the melody and hymn of both heartbeats beating in the middle of New York.

Despite of all the noise of people talking, of beeping cars and whirlwind of different people passing by, Bethany & Glenn found each other with a connection that is bounded by the sound of music. A love story better than Bonnie and Clyde, better than Sonny and Cher.

Bethany and Glenn tied their knots and vowed their promises at the Ace Hotel located at the 20 W 29th in New York City. The wedding theme was old fashion retro style. The venue was simply designed with stacks of amplifiers with candles lit on top of them, making the venue very romantic and light for the guests. The photoshoot area has walls made out of graffiti which made their pictures unique.

As Glenn, awaits for his bride, he reminisce every beat, every song, every dancefloor they shared. And summed up into one beautiful vow, promising her to be there in every beat of ups and downs of their marriage life.

They both really showed how ecstatic they were in the pictures, may it be at downtown New York, or may it be in the streets or around their families and friends. Never minding of the people who are looking, never minding of what they are saying, because that is love, it is when you mind the person who you are holding hands with.

The reception hall was a modern twist of black and white set up, with tables covered by black table cloth and a bouquet of white roses with candles lit surrounding them. The night was filled of happiness and excitement felt for the new chapter of Bethany and Glenn husband and wife.