Hi Brendan,

It was like waiting for the sun to rise for the day and waiting for the first star to shine every night, that is how I am thrilled everytime you call me out for a date.

Years past and here we are, preparing as we walk towards meeting each other not in some another coffee shop or restaurant, but in journey that will settle us for a lifetime of staring at each other’s eyes.

As you were waiting there at the center of the aisle, I cannot help but to look back on the memories we shared, all those time you keep on asking me what is my favorite color, favorite flower, favorite flavor and all of those times you endlessly look at me until I finally melt.

I know that this next chapter won’t be easy, but I know with you and God as the center of our relationship everything will be in place. With our families, friends, relatives and as a witness of this momentous moment here at the Martha Clara Vineyard, I vow to love, to support, to take care of you, to pray for you until the day I die.

So thank you for accepting my family, thank you for the patience, thank you for taking a note of everything I like, for taking a note of my favorite color, favorite flower, favorite drink. Thank you for accepting my flaws and my past. Thank you for making me laugh endlessly and for always laying those beautiful eyes on me. There will be more less coffee to be shared and foot warmers because I found the warmth I am searching for in you.

My journey is not mine anymore but it is ours. I promise I will support you and will always be there whenever you need me. I love you from the bottom of my heart.

Love, Danielle